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EasyLift ProArm-Labor Saving Arm Jack™

EasyLift ProArm-Labor Saving Arm Jack™

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Outdated installation tools make every project an uphill battle, turning what should be a straightforward process into a time-consuming headache. Wrestling with clunky devices not only slows you down but also leaves you frustrated and drained. Say goodbye to the struggle—EasyLift ProArm is here to revolutionize your installation experience

The EasyLift ProArm, a cutting-edge installation tool meticulously crafted to alleviate the challenges of traditional methods. Its innovative design effortlessly lifts and supports panels, cabinets, and tiles, providing unmatched precision and ease during installation. Say goodbye to frustration and fatigue—EasyLift ProArm not only simplifies your projects but also elevates your overall installation experience, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and efficiency.


HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM: The EasyLift ProArm's precision height adjustment mechanism ensures a perfect fit for panels, cabinets, and tiles of all sizes. Enjoy effortless customization, saving you time and guaranteeing a seamless installation every time.


With the lifting capacity of up to 150 kg the range of applications is virtually unlimited. Engineered for strength and durability, the EasyLift ProArm effortlessly lifts heavy materials, reducing physical strain and allowing you to tackle installations with ease. Say goodbye to backaches and welcome a stress-free, efficient workflow.

ONE-HANDED OPERATION: With its intuitive one-handed operation, the EasyLift ProArm empowers you to handle installations with unmatched control and convenience. Experience the freedom to work with agility and precision, enhancing your overall productivity and satisfaction.

QUICK RELEASE FEATURE: The EasyLift ProArm's quick release feature ensures swift and hassle-free adjustments, streamlining your workflow and eliminating frustrating delays. Enjoy a seamless installation process, from start to finish, with this time-saving and efficient tool.

VERSATILE APPLICATION: From door panels to drywall and cabinets to tiles, the EasyLift ProArm is your all-in-one solution for various installations. Embrace the versatility that comes with this tool, simplifying your projects and providing a reliable companion for all your installation needs.

We understand the frustration of struggling with outdated installation tools that make what should be a smooth process feel like an uphill battle. Picture this: you're in the middle of installing a cabinet or a set of tiles, and the tools you're using just don't measure up, causing delays and adding unnecessary stress to your project.

According to industry surveys, inefficient installation processes can lead to a significant increase in project timelines, costing both time and money. We've been there, and we get it. That's why we're here to introduce the EasyLift ProArm, the game-changing solution that transforms your installation experience and puts you back in control of your projects.

Total height: 304MM/11.96inch
Adjustable height: 0-145MM/0-5.70inch
Material: aluminum carbon steel stainless steel
Bearing capacity: 200KG
Net weight: 910g
Package include: 1 pcs Hand Lifting Tool
Package size: 35x25x10cm/13.77x9.84x3.93inch
Use scenarios: lift wooden doors, lift glass doors, lift furniture, lift coffee tables, carpentry expansion, lift refrigerators, etc.

1. Upgraded thickened base: the support is more stable and the use lasts longer.
2. Oblique design: it can be inserted into the bottom of the object better and faster, and it is easier to use.
3. Not only for lifting heavy objects, but also for woodworking.
4. Double selection down adjustment function:

Press the FAST button during the downward adjustment to quickly lower to the bottom
Press the SLOW button repeatedly to fine-tune the descent at a constant speed.

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