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TurboCharge DriveLite 220 ™

TurboCharge DriveLite 220 ™

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Navigating through life's journey shouldn't be hindered by the constant battle with low battery anxiety. TurboCharge DriveLite 220 tackles the common roadblock of limited charging options with its 4 USB fast charging terminals and 1 PT fast charging terminal. Say goodbye to the frustration of dwindling device power, and embrace the freedom to power up multiple devices simultaneously on the go.

Introducing the TurboCharge DriveLite 220 – a revolution in on-the-go power solutions designed specifically to liberate you from the frustrations of low battery woes. With its cutting-edge design featuring 4 USB fast charging terminals and 1 PT fast charging terminal, this power inverter stands out as a beacon of efficiency in a crowded market. Say goodbye to the days of juggling devices and slow charging speeds; TurboCharge DriveLite 220 empowers your journey, ensuring all your gadgets stay charged, keeping you seamlessly connected and in control of your drive. 




TurboCharge DriveLite 220 – Empower Your Journey with Five Essential Benefits 

RapidCharge Efficiency: TurboCharge DriveLite 220's advanced RapidCharge Technology ensures swift device charging, eliminating delays and keeping you seamlessly connected on the road.

Multi-Device Harmony: Charge up to five devices simultaneously with four USB fast charging terminals and one PT fast charging terminal, streamlining your charging experience and making your journey more efficient.



 Seamless Connectivity: Transform your vehicle into a power hub, ensuring uninterrupted GPS navigation, calls, and music with TurboCharge DriveLite 220's reliable and seamless connectivity.

Compact Portability: Enjoy on-the-go charging convenience with TurboCharge DriveLite 220's compact and portable design, making it the perfect travel companion for a sleek and practical solution.


  Safety Assurance: Trust in TurboCharge DriveLite 220's built-in safety features, prioritizing the protection of your devices against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits for peace of mind on every drive. 

We understand the frustration of being on the road, desperately needing your devices charged for navigation, calls, and entertainment. Picture this: you're in the middle of an important call, your GPS is guiding you through an unfamiliar city, and suddenly you hear that dreaded low battery beep. It's not just a inconvenience; it's a disruption to your journey and a potential source of stress. According to recent surveys, over 80% of drivers experience anxiety due to low battery issues during travels. We get it, and that's why TurboCharge DriveLite 220 is here to transform your on-the-go charging experience, ensuring you stay connected and in control without the hassle. 



 Elevate your on-the-go experience with TurboCharge DriveLite 220 – the perfect companion for every road warrior. Say goodbye to the stress of low battery interruptions and welcome a journey where you're always in control, seamlessly connected, and ready for whatever the road throws at you. TurboCharge DriveLite 220 isn't just a power inverter; it's your ticket to a smoother, more efficient, and enjoyable drive. Experience the freedom of uninterrupted power, stay connected, and make every drive a memorable one with TurboCharge DriveLite 220.



Output voltage: DC1 10V-220V
Output power: MAX 200W
USB output: 3100MA/5V
Product material: ABS environmental protection material
Cable length: 80CM
Product size:7 * 7.7 * 5.6CM

Large capacity helps to charge many devices at once while ensuring a stable current
Chargeable on Smartphones, computers, kettles, electric fans, drills and other home electronic devices

1*Power Inverter


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