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EverWrite SyncPad ™

EverWrite SyncPad ™

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In today's fast-paced world, we understand the importance of seamlessly jotting down your thoughts, ideas, and sketches. However, the struggle of wasting countless sheets of paper and contributing to environmental waste with traditional notebooks can be disheartening. Picture this: you're striving for productivity, but the guilt of using paper relentlessly.

Introducing EverWrite SyncPad – the eco-friendly notebook that redefines writing. With erasable pages for guilt-free creativity, its durable design ensures a lasting, smooth experience. Elevate your writing with SyncPad – where innovation meets sustainability in every stroke.

"EverWrite SyncPad – Unleash Your Creativity, Sustainably"


Erasable Freedom: EverWrite SyncPad's unique erasable pages empower your creativity, letting you write, draw, and revise without waste, offering a sustainable canvas for your ideas.

Durable Design, Timeless Ideas: The wirebound build of EverWrite SyncPad ensures your thoughts are preserved in a lasting notebook, providing a reliable and enduring platform for your artistic and professional endeavors.

Eco-Friendly Innovation: Contribute to a greener future with EverWrite SyncPad's eco-friendly design, aligning your passion for creativity with a commitment to sustainable living.

Smooth Writing Experience: Enjoy a seamless writing experience on EverWrite SyncPad's smooth pages, enhancing the pleasure of putting your thoughts on paper with every stroke.

With the help of APP like CamScanner, you scan, upload, store and share your work on smart erasable book in your phone. With your notes stored safely in the cloud, you can clear

Effortless Organization: With EverWrite SyncPad's thoughtful design, organizing your notes and sketches becomes a breeze, ensuring a clutter-free and efficient creative process. 

We understand the struggle of constantly discarding used notebooks, burdened by the environmental impact. Imagine a world where your creativity flows freely, unencumbered by the guilt of paper waste. EverWrite SyncPad provides a solution – an eco-friendly notebook that aligns with your passion for creativity and a sustainable lifestyle



Colors: Black

B5 size: 6.9*9.8 inch

B5: 30 sheet/60pages

A6 size: 4.2*6.7 inch

A6: 40 sheets /80 pages

A5 size: 6*8.8 inch

A5: 50 sheet/100pages

A4,A5,B5,A6: half lined and half Dotted

A4 size: 8.5*11 inch

A4: 20 sheets/40 pages

Product Description:

Smart Erasable Notebook, made with synthetic materials, provides an extremely smooth writing experience. Works with colorful erasable pens, your work on the notebook can be colorfully.Smart Erasable Notebook is specially designed to be wet and hot erasable. You can simply wiping notes clean with a moist towel or blow the writing clean with a hair dryer in soft warmth.With the help of APP like CamScanner, you scan, upload, store and share your work on smart erasable book in your phone. With your notes stored safely in the cloud, you can clear notes with above methods. The latest reusable and scannable notebook can be reused up to 1,000 times in good keep.


Smart Erasable Notebook matches perfectly with colorful erasable pens like Gel pen.
Support wet erasing by wet tissue and rag.
Support hot erasing by hair dryer.
It's a good idea to erase every few weeks to keep your book in perfect condition.
NEWYES Smart Erasable Notebook can be reused up to 1,000 times in good keep.


Material: stone paper
Cover color: Black
Pages color: white
Product size: A6,A5,B5,A4

Package list:

1 * Smart Reusable Notebook
1 * polit frixion pen
1 * package
1 * Cleaning cloth
1* Bookmark

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